Founded in 2001 by Ohlone College head basketball Coach John Peterson, On the Ball Sports mission is to provide campers with quality teaching in a positive learning environment. We stress fundamental skill development, team cohesion and a healthy competitive spirit. All of our camps are directed by experts in their field and coaches with extensive experience and a passion for teaching. We continue to be the best value for your dollar in the area!


About On the Ball Sports

It is our intent to provide youngsters with quality teaching while creating a positive learning environment. As teachers, we are driven to provide our campers with an atmosphere that with promote improvement and learning.

Camp Philosophy

The “On The Ball” basketball camps provide instruction in basketball fundamentals. Every day we invest time in teaching “from the ground floor up.” Footwork, dribbling, passing, catching, shooting and teamwork are all critical in becoming a “Complete Player”, and are emphasized daily. We are proud to conduct a camp where the focus is on basic skill development for players of all ages and levels.

Camp Emphasis

Summer Basketball